Real Estate Sales Broker and Consultant
Specializing in:
Single family, Multi-family and Land Transactions

Energy Efficient Homes (new construction, retrofitting existing homes, score ratings and valuation / roi resources)

Native Plant Landscaping Design
Regenerative Agriculture Consulting
Green / Regenerative Financial Incentives and Resources

Full service real estate brokerage, assisting buyers and sellers. Hourly consulting and case by case project assistance flat fee services are available. Referrals are truly appreciated.

5% of proceeds go to support the following local organizations:
  1. Kansas City Native Plant Initiative / @kcnpi
2. Cultivate Kansas City / @CultivateKansasCity
3. Sierra Club – Thomas Hart Benton Group / @THBSierraClub
Licensed in MO and KS, proudly serving the Greater Kansas City area.
Capable of referring to a local professional in any other market.
14+ yrs experience with single / multi-family and land transactions in Columbia, Kansas City and Chillicothe areas.

Mission Statements

  1. Assist home owners and businesses in transitioning conventional turf lawns into Native lower maintenance Landscapes, that also benefit pollinators and reduce water runoff. (Native Landscape / Xeriscape Designing).
  2. Assist landowners with implementing Regenerative Agriculture Practices.
  3. Assist homeowners in retrofitting their existing home to increase energy efficiency. (Even just one small project at a time)
  4. Assist in developing, marketing and selling passive “green” new construction homes with native yards / landscapes.
* All of these aims are undertaken with the realistic understanding that ROI and affordability are crucial for our clients. The top priority is to connect anyone interested in these endeavors, to every possible incentive and beneficial financing opportunity, in addition to creating as smooth a transaction or project as possible.